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Hello world!

December 27, 2008

Hello World!

Welcome to Silicon Mouth, a blog about my experiences as an IT Recruiter, IT user, IT nerd in Belfast, Northern Ireland (mainly) and some other places (occasionally).

I picked the name Silicon Mouth because I love the names Silicon Valley and Silicon Glen (in Scotland). Although Belfast is in a glen or valley, both these were taken, so I had thought “what other geographical feature”. Silicon Port, Silicon Harbour had their day – and then it came to me – Belfast is anglicised for Beal Feirste – the mouth of the (river) Farset. So mouth is the geographical feature that characterises Belfast.

Of course a mouth is also something that words come out of – and in Northern Ireland (which I’ll abbreviate a lot to NI) a “mouthpiece”, shortened to “mouth” is one who has a lot to say !

So its fitting – and so Silicon Mouth was born !

Not to give the impression that I’ve spent long hours on this – had the idea on the way back from a family trip into the city (St. George’s market and the Belfast Wheel) a few hours back, and so here it is.

Some may say that Silicon is a take on “Silly Con”, as my firstname is Conor, which sometimes gets shortened to Con (but not by me), so I’ll take the wind out of their sails by pointing that out here 🙂

Hope you enjoy my blog,